Laptop with 17.3" screen, SSD and backlit keyboard for around $1500?

I am looking to buy a laptop with a big screen (17.3"), an SSD of 120GB, at least 8GB RAM and a backlit keyboard for around $1500. It doesn't need to use the latest CPU or gfx card. I am not looking for extra power. Also a quiet laptop is very important. I don't want to listen to a fan running all the time.

Any suggestions? Amazon search sucks when I try to search for these specs because it returns hundreds of non related laptops or accessories. Newegg has a very small collection when I search for these specs.

I don't want to buy a laptop and put my own SSD because it will void the warranty. Looking for ready made laptop with those specs. The one closest to this was from
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  1. I don't know if this is what you are looking for but it may be worth at least a look:
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