Help. Cant Delete Old Primary XP Partition after Win 7 Install

Hi Guys. I am having a tough time here. I have an older hp pc that came with Windows XP. Last Year I upgraded it to Windows 7, but to be safe I installed 7 on a newly created partition.

Problem is is now that im satisfied with 7 , I want to delete my old xp install, but the partition is still labeled as primary.

It wont let me just delete/format the old partition, so i was wondering what steps do i take.
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  1. I already did that. I just want to free up all that extra space that xp is taking up
  2. Hi

    Do you have a folder called \boot on the XP partition
    If so this is the Windows 7 boot loader. (must not be deleted)

    Primary is default partition type, formatting it will not change this
    It will also be marked active.

    You may be able to delete the \Windows XP folder and XP \Program files folders to recover space on that drive
    BUT back up carefully before doing anything drastic

    If you manage to format the XP Partition Windows 7 will not boot up

    You would need a Windows 7 DVD or a Windows 7 System Repair disk (CD/USB)
    to repair the Windows 7 startup

    Alternative strategy while in XP,
    empty recycle bin
    uninstall all un-necessary programs,
    run disk cleanup
    install ccleaner to clean out cache from IE, Firefox etc

    also run chkdsk on XP partition
    empty recycle bin again

    Then boot from Parted Magic and make XP Partition much smaller and Win 7 much larger.
    This may break Win 7 boot manager so have either Win 7 DVD or System Repair disk ready

    Mike Barnes
  3. That was my next idea, to just delete the \Windows XP folder and XP \Documents & setting folder then make the partition smaller
  4. Could i just clone my windows 7 install, & use that to the replace both the old xp & 7 versions
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