Western Digital External HDD stopped Reading

H All, I have read many threads and hope that someone maybe able to help me.

My external HDD has simply stopped reading, shows in my computer but says it needs formatting.

I have had my external HDD for a couple of years. It has done this once before and I managed to fix the issue via a cmd prompt which I can't remember. Have tried re-assigning the letter etc and that hasn't made any difference.

I have read that maybe its corrupt but in the disk management it states healthy.

In the file system it states RAW and the other 2 HDD nfts. Does this mean the HDD is corrupt? I have so many important items on my HDD.

Sorry to ramble,

My pc is
WINDOWS 7 64bit
8gb ram
Sata 2 seagate 500gb system hdd

Thanks in advance for any help offered
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  1. Hi, thanks for your reply.

    i have done as suggested and removed the hdd from the case and put it into my pc.

    when the hdd is hooked up while pc id off the computer wont get to windows. sticks on the logo screen.

    i have managed to clip the sata cable on when the pc is on. it recognizes the disk but wont open still the same as when via usb

    any thoughts?
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