Asus Sabertooth 990fx R2.0

So i have been having a little issue and its really confusing me. So i will speed test my internet via and it will come up saying i have anywhere between .5mbps and 2mbps down and same for upload. So i went to the asus support site and got the drivers for the mobo and i ran the repair and then did the speed test again and it would show anywhere between 60mbps-85mbps which is what it should be but as soon as i turn off my computer or restart it it goes back down to .5-2 until i run the repair again.
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  1. Hi, is the Ai Suite installed, and if yes, Network iControl enabled?
  2. yes and yes
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    Then try switching off/disabling the Network iControl.
  4. Yeah that seemed to work tyvm. I turned it off restarted and speed tested and its showing 56 down and 12 up so it seems to be fine i am starting to wonder about the AI suite now lol
  5. It's a known issue. I've read somewhere that they fixed it with newer AiSuite versions.
    What version have you installed?
  6. looks like its version 2.01.01
  7. Then it seems that the information wasn't accurate, since still the same issue.
  8. yeah i am not sure i have restarted many times since then and since i have turned it off speedtest is coming back perfectly fine lol
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