700$ budget gaming pc first build!

So i have a question to which setup would be better a phenom ii x4 with a 650 ti or the 6300 with a 7850 keep in mind i will not play games like crysis and bf3 all im playing is minecraft, far cry 3 batman skyrim and call of duty this is the build i have i cant go above my budget at all and ill be using linux for 2 months then im buying windows 7 thanks heres the build


Update* i forgot to mention im buying an optical drive when i buy windows as i already have linux on a flash drive and i dont watch movieson my pc i use the ps3 bluray so yea no optical drive
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  1. just a warning, unless that mb comes with a recent bios update, it's unlikely you'll get the system to POST

    The bios for that MB i'm sure supports the cpu you've chosen, trick is it doesn't naturally, being a much older mb then the cpu. So you'll need an older cpu the mb does support to stick into it, to update the bios... that or you need to contact your distributor and make sure they send a newish bios.
  2. Get the FX6300+7850 combo.
    Get a cheaper keyboard and get this monitor


    Much better, ASUS has MUCH MORE quality than Acer.

    Get 2x4GB of RAM sticks. Dual channel runs faster than one single stick.
  3. Okay so i changed the ram to a 1 8gb with faster speed because i will be adding another 8gb stick in a few months also i switched the monitor to a 21.5 inch asus but i went over budget by 30$ do you think its worth it over this monitor http://weeklyad.staples.com/Staples/BrowseByListing/BySearch?StoreID=2278691&SearchText=Aoc+monitor
    Its on sale for 100$ where im at and it would keep me on budget which is good because my dad wasnt thrilled when i raised my budget from 600-700$ so is this worth the extra 30$ or should i stick with the aoc from staples http://pcpartpicker.com/p/VVAj

    I would like to stay on budget but it was hard fitting a 7850 and 6300 in here i was originally going for an i3 with 7770 so is this worth it should i pull the trigger
  4. I suggest you use 2 sticks of ram.

    AMD CPUs don't react kindly to mono sticks of ram when overclocking. or at least they didn't in the PhenomII days... I'm not 100% sure about this on the new FX chips. But generally speaking you get slightly better performance out of your ram when it's paired.

    Since AMD is using basically the same northbridge for the FX that they did with the PhII, i assume (someone correct me if i'm wrong) that the problems with mono sticks of ram persist.
  5. If the AOC is on sale, then get it.
  6. im getting the asus my parents convinced me plus i need the hdmi and dvi cause i plan to put my ps3 too and im gonna change the ram to some 4gb sticks cause i will probably add more whenever i upgrade to the architecture after haswell, skyrune i think anyway sorry for spelling and grammar im on my phone
  7. Haswell will use an entirely new motherboard technology. So if you are trying to get Haswell, you will need to buy a new motherboard. Haswell is coming in 1 month, so I suggest you wait.
  8. I am going with this build but eventually i will switch to intel but thanks anyway and i know haswell have new sockets the problem is the mobo are gonna be really expensive and i havent heard anything bout haswell i3 just i5 and i7 which i cant afford
  9. Are you using the i3 or the FX6300? I highly suggest you go with the 6300, because it has more cores for multi-tasking and games.
  10. Im going with a 6300 and a 7850 with 8gb ram and 1tb storage and hopefully i can get a nzxt source 210 case
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