Low performance on GTX295

I Just changed my GTX260 with a GTX295, but instead of seeing an immporvment the result was just the opposite. Games that where running perfectly on GTX260 run very slow on my new card. Then I realized that even old games like Prototype run really slowly. I updated my BIOS and reinstalled the drivers.

Here is my configuration:

Pentium Dual Core E5200
Asus pk5pl-am
2gb RAM
ATX 0600AT 600W

What is causing my problem?
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  1. Guessing this is a used card since they dont make them anymore?
  2. Yes. It is a used one . Can it be faulty?
  3. Of course it CAN be, and since its used it might be. Where did you get it from?
  4. I bought it from Ebay, the seller assured me that the card works perfectly. Im thinking that my PSU is too low?
  5. Well, it could be a couple of things. The problem you run into when buying used cards is if the card is in fact bad, you're screwed. Even with a lifetime warranty (like EVGA KR cards) only the original purchaser can submit an RMA.
  6. I know about that risk. Anyway I dont think the problem is in the card. I will test it in another pc to be sure
  7. I just tested the graphic card on another system. It worked perfectly running Battlefield 3 on ultra settings.
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