Amd fx 8320 HELP

I have the amd phenom II x4 965, and I want to upgrade to the fx 8320.
My mobo is the asrock extreme3 970 and it supports this upgrade. BUT, its says the 8320 supports the 1.5 bios version, and this might seem stupid but I have the 1.7 (newer?) and I need to know if this fx processor is only compatable that one version (1.5), or if it's compatible with 1.5 and above. (Ive heard of people installing this processor on this board at 1.7 and it not responding, and I know that can be for a lot of reasons, just worried/confused). Need to know asap, thanks for reading.
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  1. Its supported "since" bios p1.50 so that means 1.50 and up support this processor.
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