Good LGA 1155 cooler for under $20

I bent one of the pushpins on my stock i5 2500k cooler. I was looking to replace it now and wanted some recommendations. Im trying to keep in in the $15-20 range as I've no intentions of OCing soon, at least not until I can get the money for a better cooler and motherboard.
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  1. $21 but as good as you can do without getting a piece of junk.
  2. Best answer Less then $20 but honestly I would spring for the coolermaster hyper 212 for around $30.
    It is suppose to be pretty quiet and will work well if you ever do overclock.
  3. Didnt realize hat the Hyper 212 was only $30. I was thinking any good CPU cooler was gonna be around $75-90. Guess Im behind the times in hardware prices haha. Thanks.
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