EVGA GTX 650 Ti Boost SuperClocked Precision X Overclock?

hello all,

I am new to PC, i got my 1st build and i want to know if any1 can help me find a stable overclock for my card right now my GPU is at 1201 Mhz and my Mem clock is at 3052Mhz i can get the gpu up to 1252Mhz but some games run stable and some dont. seems like my pirated games dont run as stable as my original games with high OC, i will like to know other peoples stable OC tested on a various amount of games to help me overclock im kind of a noob so i dont know too much maybe there is something thast i can do to help perform better my temps at my current OC is 76 celsius (GPU 1201Mhz Mem Clock 3042Mhz runns games pretty darn good if u ask me but im looking to get the most out of my rig.. anyway thanks for reading my post.

i5 3570k
Msi Z77-G41
H60 liquid cooler
6 case fans
Samsung 120gb 840 series SSD
Corsairs CX430 PSU
500gb WD HDD
ANd of course GTX 650 Ti Boost superclocked
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  1. pirated or original does makes the difference but some games dont like overclock
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