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Hey all,
I am currently working on my first PC build and my dad made a comment on something that I noticed too. When I accessed the BIOS menu I went to the Temps page and I saw that my CPU was at 30 degrees Celsius, as I was checking a few things I went back to the temps page and saw that my CPU temp was climbing and I was not putting any load on it. I am just wondering if the CPU fan (stock that came with the processor for now) is not mounted all the way or if this is normal.

what I have so far (Work in Progress):
Corsair 600T
Asus P8Z77-V LE
Intel i5 3570k
Thermaltake 750W power supply.
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  1. 30C is perfectly normal for a 3570K. Under load at stock settings it should run at around 60C.
  2. "CPU temp was climbing", could you elaborate on that?
  3. The Temperature change was not dramatic it just spiked is what worried me. it jumped from 30 C to 33 C in a matter of 10 minutes.
  4. You didnt mention what it rose to after a certain period of time.
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    Your temps are fine for an idle load. The CPU heating up in the BIOS is most likely due to the fact that the metal of the heatsink was ambient temp when you turned it on, and is being heated by the CPU, meaning that youv lost the small benefit of cool metal against the CPU.
    Also would hardly call a 3°C change over 10mins a "spike" in temperature :lol:. Your gonna have a heart attack when you stress test the machine and see it spike from 30°C to about 55°C in a few seconds.

    Your temps are fine.
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