Thermaltake V1 and I5-3470

I have a Thermaltake V1 on my sandy bridge i3 right now and im sitting at around 32 Celsius at idle and around 50 Celsius at load (black ops 2). i ordered a i5-3470 and was wondering if the stock i5 heatsink with some arctic cooling mx-2 will be good enough or do i need to keep the V1. I dont really like the V1 due to its size and wouldnt mind using the stock heatsink
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  1. i would keep the thermaltake V1 just because the stock cooler gets quite loud under load, if anything invest in a newer heatsink/fan, like a tx3 or 212evo, or zalman cnps 5x performa if u dont like the size of the V1. Putting good paste on the stock cooler only makes it slightly better but already having a aftermarket cooler i would reuse it as im guessing new paste, and remounting would lower temps to the point it wouldnt compare to the stock cooler lol. Unless the fan on the V1 is insanely loud and cooling performance is not an issue then it wouldnt really matter lol
  2. It's loud on lowest speed but its bearable. I have looked into the thermaltake clp0556 due to its good reviews. The things i don't like with the v1 is that it rubs the video card and I'm not sure if it will fit well with the raidmax smilodon I just ordered since the sides fold down on that case. I assume the stock heatsink is junk then?
  3. well no overclock which u cant rlly do on the 3470, the stock is fine, but my bro in law used the stock cooler for his 2600k, in a raidmax smilodon and a gtx 670. He seemed to get higher temps then prefered and the noise wasnt terrible, but he got a zalman cnps 9900 nt and never had an issue with temps at all. I mean he never really noticed terrible temps but most ppl would say for noise and temps almost any decent cooler beats the stock one. Did u look at the cm Tx3? Its small and cools rlly good, i have a tx2 on a old athlon 6400+ which with the stock cooler from amd overheated and never have an issue with an aftermarket cooler, the thermaltake clp0556 just seems only a little better than the stock cooler and i would guess the v1 may have a clearance issue with that case but since u have it wouldnt hurt to try
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