Computer wont Boot from cd already changed bios

i have an emachine 1210, i replaced the hard drive recently, and since then i cannot get the machine to boot from a disk. it had been booting from disk before the hard drive, and i have tried multiple drives, multiple disks, and changed the boot order/everything else in BIOS
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  1. does the BIOS see the new HD?
  2. When you replaced the old HDD, did you first clone all its contents to the new replacement unit? Or, did you just take out the old one and plug in a new empty drive?
  3. Paperdoc said:
    When you replaced the old HDD, did you first clone all its contents to the new replacement unit? Or, did you just take out the old one and plug in a new empty drive?

    i just swapped the old one for a new one, but i have done this before and just booted from a disk.
    also i just tried a drive with an operating system and that worked. however i still could not boot from disk
  4. when you swap drives sometimes the BIOS doesn't see it and you need to make it see it.

    other, try swapping sata ports on the board for the dvd. or maybe even for the HD. something could have happened ( power surge ) and harmed the board.
  5. If you replaced the old HDD that contained your Operating System with a new empty drive, there is NO way for it to boot! There is no OS!

    Even installing a different HDD that DOES contain an OS won't be likely to solve your problem. The OS on any HDD is customized with device drivers for the devices in that machine. It normally does NOT have drivers for the devices in YOUR machine, and can't work without some fixing. Sometimes even the fixing steps do not work. You really need YOUR machine's custom OS. How to get that?

    Well, first thing is: is there any stuff on your old HDD you want to save? That includes installed application software, your data files you created, etc. If you are sure there is NOTHING you want to save, and you want to start over with a completely new OS install, that is easy. Well, it is if you have your Windows Install CD.

    A completely new fresh Install of Windows is good. It often works better and faster than an old set of stuff. So if that's what you want, you should Install Windows on the new empty HDD. AFTER that is done, you can re-install all your application software - you will need their Install CD's for this, of course. THEN if you want to try to keep your old data files from the old HDD, you can re-install that unit in your machine and COPY all the stuff you want to the new one. NOTE that you cannot simply copy application software. It MUST be Installed under the new Windows OS so the new Registry files can be updated.

    However, if you do NOT want to lose all your old stuff, OR if you do NOT have a Windows Install CD to use, you need to CLONE all the contents of your old HDD to the new one. This will copy absolutely everything over to the new HDD, making it bootable so that it replaces your old HDD. You then remove the old HDD from the machine and, since you believe it is faulty, you throw it away before it causes trouble. Even if there are already a few errors on the old HDD, you can clone it anyway.

    If you need details on how to clone, or help on Installing Windows to the new HDD, post here for more.
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