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The blower fan on my EVGA 660 Ti is really loud at full load and it gets up to 80c from certain games like Far Cry 3 and Crysis 3.

Would it be possible to return it to the manufacturer for a 660 Ti without a blower style fan? If that's not an option then what are some good aftermarket VGA coolers that would fit my video card?

Also I'm thinking of getting another 660 Ti for an SLI setup and I'm not sure if I want to go with either ASUS or MSI... Which one is cooler/quieter? :)
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  1. Try using a software like MSI Afterburner and set the speed to auto. Also for SLI buy anyone you prefer. Or if you can afford , start a Water Cooling loop in your system and add the GPU to it , Its the best way to cool your Stuff and reduce noise by up to 93%
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