2 GTX 650ti vs 1 GTX 670 Which is better?

I would like to know if 2 lower end graphics card is better than GTX 670. Is the performance better or not?
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    no gtx 670 is faster than 2 x gtx 650ti.single gpu are always better.get gtx 670
  2. The performance 2 650ti cards in SLI offer is greater than a single GTX 670 from what I've seen in reviews. SLI has its downsides though.
  3. Regular 650 ti's probably aren't going to be better, but if you get the 650 ti Boost you should see gains in some titles. But it will always depend on how well the cards can scale on each title. Here is a YouTube video where 2 650 ti Boost edition cards are benchmarked against a 670.

    A single 670 will be a more efficient solution, but it's really up to you.
  4. sli later is always the call buy best gpu & do sli later
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