Computer only refuses to turn on when new video card is installed

Hello! I just built a computer. Asus p8 zz7-v 16 gigs ram, two hds, 3770k intel and a psu that's 1000 watts. Also the new gpu Titan from nvidea. My problem: every time I put in the Titan, the computer does not turn on. But when I take the Titan out, the computer works fine off the motherboard. I looked for jumpers for the video card slot, no luck. No option to "turn on" the pcie slot from the bios. I'm stooped. I'm dreading its the GPU. I want it to be a stupid over look! And one more thing, I had to plug a 4 pin in my six pin cpu spot to get it to turn on.. Don't know if that has any connection. I would live to get ur input!
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  1. this might sound stupid or obvious, but did you plug in the 8/6 pin of the gpu? just making sure
  2. How far does the system get? Does the CPU fan start? Does it post (do you actually have a speaker hooked to your board)?
  3. The three obvious steps would be to test the titan in another computer, test the current computer with another GPU, and test your whole setup with a different PSU. Not sure I understand what you are saying about the the power: You plugged a 4-pin connector into a 6-pin socket to get it to turn on - that sounds very odd. Not sure how that could ever work, but if you can borrow another motherboard, you could test each part there by adding one thing at a time and see how it behaves.
    My best guess is your PSU is not doing its job.
  4. You used a 4 pin connector in the 8 pin header on the motherboard? This might just be your problem. The board might not be able to provide enough power to the Titan, so it won't boot.

    Your power supply should have an 8 pin connector for the cpu on it.
  5. I meant my 8pin CPU outlet that I put a 4 pin in to work. I also put the 8 and the 6 pin in the Titan. I tested everything I have in this rig and it only stops when I put that gpu in. Italy's like a fast clicking sound with no movement of fans and such
  6. But when I put the 8 pin in the CPU spot, it does that same click and nothing turns on
  7. Sounds more like a problem with the PS. Is it brand new? DO you have an older computer you could try it in? Your saying that without the GPU installed, it starts up only with the four pin connector? I don't see how the eight pin CPU plug could stop it from working. I just looked at your MB on Asus's site. I had a weird "no video at boot" problem with an Asus MB on initial setup with the EPU and TPU switch and found out that they must be off until you install the AI suite. It was an older generation, this gen MB could be different, but just something to check. Your MB does have the 4 LED's at start up that indicate if the CPU, RAM, GPU and HD are all detected. THey should turn on at boot and then turn off. IS the CPU light staying ON. What is their status on each?
  8. Without the gpu the system boots up windows and everything is fine. When the gpu is in, it makes a dead beep noise and a click. Nothing else. Movements, nothing
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