CM Stryker and Corsair H110 Hydro cooling match ???

Hi i want to a build system using CM Stryker and a Corsair H110 Hydro cooling, my question is will the radiator fit at the top of the case? Is it the best water cooling with out disturbing the airflow?

My second question is i want to install one fan at the bottom of the case ( airflow in ), which front fan shall i switch to the side ?
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  1. The H110 will not fit properly. The top has mounts for multiples of 120mm fans, not 140mm.

    And the Corsair H series is not water cooling. If you want water cooling, buy a custom kit and set it up yourself. The Corsair H series does not use actual water, but rather a coolant.

    As for your second question, it depends. If you mean the bottom on where the hidden tray lies, then put your drives on the bottom tray and keep it at stock configuration. Turn the top one 90 degrees. But if you meant the bottom fan between the PSU and the hidden tray, then that's just not smart. There is nothing useful about that bottom intake. That intake will be shooting an air stream straight up. And because it is just behind the hard drive cages, it'll affect both of your front intake fans. Try it yourself. Get two fans. Set the first one however you want. Then set the second one in a 90 degree fashion similar to the configuration you have in your case. Turn them on and see what happens. Anyway, I do not recommend that you use that bottom fan mount at all.
  2. It's written on their website that the top mounts for two 140mm fans too.

    A coolant or water both are liquids for me XD

    As for the bottom fans it seems i will give up on it, you're right about the airflow, just wanted to hear an expert opinion on it.

    As for the front panel fans i will keep the top one to the side and the bottom one facing the front, is one fan intake really enough?
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    Ah so sorry. I thought it couldn't. I have the Storm Trooper so that's embarrassing.

    Yes; water cooling is also liquid cooling, but they're not the same. Pre-built coolant doesn't last long on high temperatures. Worse, you can't tell unless you are monitoring it. Since the tubing is black. Do a bit of Googling. It is a giant mess! But if you decide to run it, make sure you run through a good preliminary testing to ensure leak proof. The Swiftech H220 is your best bet.

    The reason why most of us here don't recommend the pre-built liquid coolers is because:
    1. Expensive! Coolant is more expensive than distilled water.
    2. Doesn't cool any better than an air cooler (heatsink). If you're not overclocking at all, you don't need liquid cooling. If you're overclocking mildly to high, a heatsink is perfect. Less management. If you're overclocking slightly above high, then the pre-built liquid coolers have a slight edge. And if you're overclocking above that, then the liquid cooolers won't be able to handle it and you'll need to go custom water cooling route. So in very limited applications will you see a benefit to using the pre-built liquid coolers. And so unless you plan to overclock in that one range, it's just pointless.
    3. More risk of damage in leaks and faulty pump.
    4. If anything goes wrong, it's not easy to tell -- tubing is black so you can't see the liquid and the pump is built in so hard to tell if it's working properly at any one point in time.
    5. Louder than air coolers.

    Swap the order. Have the top cage be intake instead. The bottom one doesn't blow at anything useful unless you have like Quad SLI/CrossFire. And yes, the case is fine with negative air pressure. What will likely happen (because the case pushes air out faster than you can push air in), it will suck in air from any available holes. The can be a problem because most of those tiny holes are not dust filtered. I do suggest a heatsink in the middle so that you at least have a fan there to suck in air through the optical bays, which are dust filtered.

    You will need to clean the filters a least once a week. And there are a lot. 9 bays (or 8 if you're using an optical drive) and then the back dust filter for the PSU.
  4. Thanks a lot for the help and your time XD

    i owe one, take care
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