Windows 7 x64 shut down bc of kernel stack??

i was playing defiance and streaming music on youtube, was switching back to defiance from windows screen and then blue screened and all i could read off the screen was something about a kernel stack... any ideas?

asus max v formula
i7 2600k @ 4.4
corsair 32gig ram 1333mhz
evga gtx 680 (oc but cnt remember at what mhz)
ocz vector 120 gig
cooler master 1000 watt bronze
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  1. im sorry ocz vertex 3
    and also have a seagate barracuda TB hdd
  2. Best answer
    Its probably nothing
    If it happens anytime you do that its the game that cause problem because some games(like Skyrim) need all the resources of your system and take it hard when you ALT+TAB to Desktop to run music in background.
    Also u can pause blue screen and write down the number and google it to find out what it is.
    Windows automatically restart in case of system failure but u can turn it of and read the blue screen to find out your problem :
    right click on computer on start menu ---- properties ---- Advanced system settings ------Advanced ----- startup and recovery setting ----- then turn off automatically restart --- restart computer to save changes

    next time you can read the blue screen error
  3. i thank you very much sir. gotta steak dinner with your name on it!
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