Crysis 3 Lagging

I just got Crysis 3 and was wanting to play it, but it laggs a ton on every setting.

I have played farcry 3 on full but then recently that started lagging aswel.

My Config is.

Q9550 QuadCore CPU
4GB ddr 2 Ram
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  1. update all your drivers
    Run a virus scan
    Run command prompt as admin and type "CHKDSK /f" of the drive that your games are installed on
    make sure nothing is overheating (clean out dust)
  2. Funny you should mention HDD.

    When i watch movies my the movie hangs for a short while then i hear what sounds like the hard drive starting up then it goes on.
  3. I guess you rig is not helping at all, as you might know Crysis 3 is the game with the best graphics so far... Do you play another video game like Battlefield 2/3?? any game where you can compare the FPS ??
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    NyxSlayer has a good idea, try playing a few other games and see if they slow down as well, install a game on 1 harddrive and another game on another harddrive, you will find out if its a harddrive issue or a different issue.
  5. Another issue could be the temperature, I mean global warming does not only affects the enviroment, but our gaming desktops as well... xD try downloading a GPU monitor though
  6. Ok i have installed the latest tomb raider and Dead space 3 and they both run on full graphics just no AA +- 60 - 70 fps my pc's temp is fine will test installing on diff hdd tonight.

    I also saw last night sometimes i can play cry 3 on high with no prob with more demanding environments but then i get to a closed off location and it lagg so much i cant even play on low.
  7. temperature may have somthing to do with it, hardware will slow down almost to a pause if it gets really hot, which will effect game performace, rivatuner or MSI after burner are 2 free overclocking tools that come with an accurate temp monitor.
  8. The only other thing i can think of is that it may be windows 8.

    I have checked my temp and everything is running at optimal temps.
  9. Maybe your PC is on Power Saving mode.. ^^
  10. I have checked my pc is not in power saver mode but thank you all for the trouble.

    I have formatted my pc and installed windows 7 again and it seemed to have helped a bit.
  11. turn off background services from task manager,,,, And the most important thing .... When playing games, disable your antivirus temporarily.... Install Service Pack 1 .... update your drivers and try also updating your Bios... :D
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