Best gaming Motherboard out now

What is the current best gaming motherboard money can buy?
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  1. For what cpu
  2. i dont this is one best boards, there are LOTS of top boards out there. just check out each brands top of the line offering and choose. you can start with the ROG of asus
  3. as the i7-4770k isnt out yet but was wondering out of interest what people think would be the best board for extreme gaming.
  4. A motherboard doesn't determine how well you can play games. CPU, GPU and memory do. If the motherboard has the features you need, it's good for you.
  5. yup right now im not asking for me its a general question best gaming motherboard on the market right now
  6. Look for a MB that is conducive to overclocking. ASRock might be the way to go.

    Check out the ASRock X79 Extreme11 LGA2011/ Intel X79.
  7. Each (well almost all) brand has its own top of the line offering, msi, asus, gigabyte, asrock, etc.
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