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I use windows 8 for quite some time now and lately (I did had this before) I am experiencing some problems. When I boot up my pc and reach desktop, the first couple of minutes I hear a lot of usb noises (like when u plug in an usb and hear a sound) turning on and off. I installed all drivers correctly but I didn't experience this problem a few days ago. Sometimes when I even touch the usb cables in the back by just a tiny bit, the sound is popping up again (I just know I have put the usb cables in correctly etc.) This is just annoying the hell out of me. The pc is acting very weir lately. Sometimes my 2ndary hdd is just disappearing out of nothing (tried different sata cable and also reseated it). Sometimes my pc won't shut down. I did a clean reinstall like 10 times and I haven't touched any settings which would have made any difference.
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  1. first- when you say you hear lots of usb noises, is your usb pluged in at the start of the system start up? or it is your HDD giving out the noise. ( also have you checked no wires are touching the fans inside your case?)

    second- hdd disappearing and appearing?- more detail on that

    third- have you plug that usb in another laptop or computer to see if it replicate the same effect?

  2. 1) By usb noises I mean windows 8 giving the sound (from the speakers) when you plug in a usb pheriphal

    2) when the hdd disappears it means that the pc can't see it anymore and it's not being recognized anymore, only when I reboot the pc I can see I again.

    3) I used these USB pheriphals on my other pc (the old one) and use them now for my current pc (they never made that sound but I never used windows 8 on the other pc as well, even though I did use windows 7 on both of my pc's and the usb still acted weird on the new one)
  3. ahh i see... one of the things i hate most about the windows 8 is the ability to recognise drivers or handle it properly... one thing you should try is change the cable your first drive or cdrom use to the second one and plug your 1st hdd or cd rom to the dissapearing drive and see id the problem still persists. might be a faulty cable or on mobo

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