which is "Value-for-money" core i7 3rd gen. laptop max around Rs. 50,000 (max $ 925) with good gpu ?

I am in hunt for best "value for money" Core i7 3rd generation laptop with good dedicated graphics and other competitive features.
Any good brands like Samsung, Lenovo, ASUS or others

My max budget is around Rs. 50,000 (around $ 925) !
Please, share your choices with Model number, links...

Thank you in adv. :)
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  1. take a look at this
    its the best deal under rs50,000 with the amd latest 7670hd 2gb ddr3 graphics card and with the dedicated graphics memory and the system graphics memory you get approx total 6gb which is quite good
  2. get this

    asus K55VM

    its a killer
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