How much can i overclock my Intel HD Graphics 2500?

Hi there! I have a very modest computer with an i3 3220 on an ASROck H61M-GVS board, an just 2 GB 1600 RAM. I cannot afford to buy a dedicated GPU, so i´m using the HD 2500, i overclocked it at 1200 Mhz. It will be safe to clock it at 1500 Mhz? Or a little less? Thanks!!!
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  1. Only one way to tell. Try and see how far you can get without the temperatures getting too high.

    Google for results others have achieved with it and with what sort of cooling.
  2. Try running a benchmark test (like Furbar or whatever), and overclock it by increasing it by 2-5% each time. And get to as far as you can without seeing artifacts during your benchmarks.

    For examples of artifacts:

    Rule of thumbs, if it can withstand a benchmark, it can withstand a game.
  3. not significatn riise performace and fps .. you will be fine at default + stock cooling and if want play game get discrete GPU will more worth .. i had intel HD3000 use GPU boost or OC untill max and not too much get score in benchmark
  4. In my work i have an i3 2100, and i have the GPU clocked at 1450(stock 1150) and it's safe, so i think i can rise another 150 Mhz to the 2550 makin a total of 1350 Mhz. Maybe it wont make a huge difference, but at stock speed Windows gave it a score of 5.9 pints in game graphics, and now at 1200 the score is 6.2. And in the Graphics score it gave 4.3 and now is 4.6, so if i rise another 150 Mhz i should be a little higher. Well, i guess that.
  5. Just try it and see if it's stable. There's no saying what a "safe" speed is.

    PS: Windows Performance Index is a terrible benchmark. Don't think too much of the scores.
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