What GC for HP probook 6450b?

I need to know what graphic cards will go well with the hp probook 6450b. Any suggestions ? (cpu i5).
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  1. You wish to replace the graphics card in your notebook? In most cases this is impossible.
  2. I think you will find that what you buy is what you live with.
    From the quick specs you can get it using the integrated Grafic process built into the CPU (ie for SB cpu probably the HD3000, or HD4000 that comes with the IB CPU) or you can buy it with a 540 V w/512 Megs of dedicated VRAM This i possibly a alternative to SB/IB CPUs that do NOT have a iGPU (SEE MY not at the Bottm on 540v performance - Would be foolish to stick a 540V on a system with a HD4000).

    From quick specs:
    "ATI Mobility Radeon HD 540v discrete graphics with 512 MB dedicated video memory
    or integrated Intel HD Graphics"

    The 540V is NOT a gaming gpu, it located close to the BOTTOM of Class 4 for which is MUCH lower than a HD4000 - OUCH
  3. I think it has the hd3000 since the notebook has been in use for more than 4 years. The thing is that it is my current laptop/notbook for work but this year they will be replaced by a newer model ( i think it will be dell flipbook) and they are going to give us an option to buy them for cheap ..of course no warranty no OS no ms office. and i just want it for the house watch movies do some work on the living-room etc etc ..i'm just curios what can I upgrade besides the memory.
  4. You can upgrade the memory, hard drive and maybe the CPU. Chances are that the BIOS is locked for a certain few CPUs though.
  5. You mentioned no MS Office, you can get free compatible software called Open Office.
  6. yeap going for open office ...just need the word processor and power-point mostly.
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