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I need some quick help with my new motherboard, located here: and I have a Antec 520w power supply, the motherboard is 8 pin but my power supply has 2, 4 pin connectors, is it possible to plug the power supply in? do I need to buy a new power supply?
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  1. Are these 2 4 pin connectors next to eachother?
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    Are the two 4-pin connectors for the CPU? If so, then they will fit in the 8-pin connector.
  3. from my power supply there are 2 4 pin connectors next to each other but the motherboard is 8 pin, this is my first time actually properly inside my computer.
  4. Then it's just an 8 pin connector that can be split into 2 4 pin connectors. You don't have to replace your PSU.
  5. okay thanks, I wish I put it in before I screwed everything down, im finding it really fiddly
  6. I have not ended this thread because I'm still having difficulty with the same problem, You both have said it should work be I can get them both to fit in the 8pin socket, do I only need 1 in there?
  7. I got the power connectors in, I now have no clue where to plug in my 2 pin and 3 pin connectors that come from the front of the computer, Im guessing one of these include the power button, I have been on my hands and knees for 2 hours 45 minutes that I guess people can do in minutes, I will just wait for an answer.
  8. I sorted it out thanks guys
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