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So I am in a rather annoying predicament.
Last winter I built a computer to replace my laptop and I did not include a wireless card. I felt that my Netgear WNDR3400v2 should do everything I need it to (and I was on a budget).
It did for awhile, living in a dorm and all. Plugged the router straight into my computer and used Wifi for all my other devices (and anyone else who was in my room and needed the Internet).

However, since college is over for awhile I have moved back home. The biggest issue I have now is trying to use my WNDR3400v2 connect to my parent's Cisco Linksys E2500 in hopes of connecting to the internet.

It does not even need to be a repeater and I can swap the routers if need be. I just need to somehow bridge one router to the other in hopes of connecting to the Internet.
Mind you, it's too far a distance to do a hardline hence the issue.

I've searched the Internet and I feel like the Cisco is the problem. The Netgear easily allows a repeater-form mode which more or less accomplishes what I need it to. The Cisco on the other hand seems to have a lot more limited functionality and wont properly communicate to the Netgear. Any help would be appreciated, even if it is a link to a very similar issue that I could not find (barely know what to search!).

The only solution I can think of is using DD-WRT firmware for my Netgear. I just never have done any firmware-based installation and fear bricking. Preferably, that'll be my last option.
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  1. You need to set it up in wireless bridge mode. Both routers must support it...and from what I have read, the Linksys E4200 is the only router from Cisco Linksys that supports it. It did find this post on another forum that explained how to set it up with two Netgear routers:
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