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I bought three monitors, all with HDMI input and VGA. I want to do Eyefinity with the three but all of the digital inputs on the monitors are HDMI. Two of the monitors are plugged in with DVI to HDMI cords. With the third I know that I need an active adapter. Would it work if I had an Active Displayport to DVI adapter on the back of the graphic card and then a DVI to HDMI cord coming from that, into the monitor?
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    Theoretically yes... LOL in practice, its just not that simple.

    Mine works like that, but it may not work for you.
  2. First of all you should be careful not to be mixing digital and analog signal. In your case better use a - display port to hdmi adaptor - ( not converter an adaptor is enough). Try to avoid chain connections cause as novuake said in theory they work but in reality the power of the video card and the wire of the cables vary so you're taking a 50 /50 risk it will not work.

    In my experience I tried display port to dvi and then convert that to vga didn't go well :pfff:. Also tried mini display port to dvi to hdmi it was low quality and some times not recognized by windows and to use it in lunix was near to impossible. So as I said is best to try just one adaptor at the time.
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