Gtx 465 Overheating?

Hi there,

I have a Gtx 465 that ive been using for 4 years now it was running normally without any high temperatures at idle.

Today i came back home and later at the evening i started seeing colourfull flashes on my screen and freezing and after that auto-restarts.

I downloaded GPU-Z and checked the idle temp, it swings from 55-to 71+ and stays for a while,eventually it might crash and restart windows.

So what i did is turned off my pc and checked the GPU to make sure there arent any dusts on it or on the fan. I wiped some dust off and cleaned it.

After that i turned on my pc and checked the temp it was 40-42 idle. After visiting a website and watching a video for about 10 minutes my pc crashed again and restarted. With 60-70+ idle temp again.

This only started happening today. It was perfectly fine days-months ago.

My pc specs if needed:

Intel core i7 950 3.07 GHz

3X2GB of corsair dominator with 1600 mhz i think.

Coolermaster pro 620Wat psu.

Im on a 32 bit windows 7 at the moment.

If any possible suggestions can be heard i would be thankfull. As im saving for a new video card and will buy one in about 5 months but i dont want to struggle with this one until then.
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  1. 70~ are still consider safe for GPU.
    Have you tried to re-apply or re-seat the heatsink for the card?
  2. i has same issue redo the thermal paste its easy i has one handy which came along with hyper 212 evo & the temps were down by 15c try that which 465 you have??
  3. Oh okay i could check inside of the video card i guess to re-apply the thermal paste.

    Are there different kind of thermal paste needed for GPUs? or i could use my zalman thermal grease on the gpu like i do on my i7?
  4. that should do
  5. akshayghai29785 said:
    that should do

    Are you sure a cpu thermal grease works for a GPu also?
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