Razer Comms install error.

Im asking about this cause I cant find a single thing on any site that has a problem even close to mine.

What happens is when its installing what seems to be Razer Core, It fails and says "driver install error 3758096385" and says its finished and to restart. But It will not work after restarting either.

Ive tried 2 different versions and Ive disabled the AMD High definition Audio driver for the HDMI port I dont use just in case and that didnt do anything.
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  1. elfmaslana said:
    Did you try to install this mouse prior to an update?

    I dont have a Razer mouse. I dont have razer anything really. Razer comms is their VOIP program.
  2. I have the exact same issue. Razer Comms installs it then fails with this error upon rebooting. My guess is it's trying to self update but doesn't happen somewhere along the way for some reason.
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