New Graphic Card, even lower FPS

I bought an MSI GT 610 graphics card, which I thought was an upgrade from an evga gt 240, but somehow my fps whilst playing League of Legends is even worse.

Any suggestions, I'm about to re-install my old graphics card and return it, but I don't see why it would be an issue in the first place
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    Nvidia fooled you. The GT 610 is a rebranded GT 520, and the 500 series is just a slightly improved version of the 400 series. The gap from the 200 series to the 500 series is not enough for a GT 520 to compete with a GT 240.
  2. so theoretically the gt 610 is inferior to my previous gt 240?
  3. Not just theoretically. It's definitely inferior. It has half as many CUDA cores, and half as much memory bandwidth at best.
  4. The second digit means a lot. Sorry to say but you get what you pay for. Next time ask for advice before you buy.
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