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My hubby came home with his PS3. While he was away he was connected using wifi. Now he is home and on a wired connection. When he turns on the PS3 it tries connecting and fails, we then go over to network settings and step through the setting up of a wired connection and it works. We have to do this every time he starts up. We are connected directly to the modem and everything else computers, 1 wifi connected ps3 and an older wired ps3 all work fine.
Any thoughts on how to resolve the repeated setting up of connection?

Thank you in advance....
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  1. Did you save your settings? It's really pretty straight forward and should just work.
  2. Thank you Hawkeye, this is what we do every time the ps3 is started. Initial sign in fails everytime, we go the steps in the link provided and then it works.
  3. That's very odd indeed. You can try booting the PS3 in safe mode and "rebuild the database" and see if that helps. Worst case, you can try backing up all your game saves, boot into safe mode, and restore default settings. You'll have to reconfigure all your settings afterwards and possibly restore your game saves if they are deleted. Don't worry about trophies as they are synced to the playstation network. You can also redownload any games you purchased via the playstation network.
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