Removing vista after windows 7 install

ive read a few threads and searched for an answer to this issue but nothing ive found quite describes it so here goes.
roughly 2-3 months ago my gpu crashed on my hp desktop so since my wifes pc had the same problem nearly 6 months before i bought 2 550 watt psu's and 2 gt 630's to get us back to operating condition. not long after the vga in my hp had to be rma'd and i opted for refund and commenced a whole new build for my poor luck.

i bought everything new except my 2 drives disk/hdd. my mosr recent upgrade was ocz's synapse cache 128g ssd. after going through the entire install and cable re-management and dataplex software i noticed as i clicked install i got a pop-up with a message stating i had multiple versions of windows on my c/d drive (partitioned). my old vista i assumed had been removed during the 7 install but evidently i didnt do it correctly.

im not experiencing any issues yet but to be diligent id like to find a way to remove the old version because i saw a few threads that saw issues about 4 weeks in.

ive searched for windows.old to no result
i am able to see all files in D drive but im not experienced enough to decipher what to remove.

i see files named hp with 1.7gb, winki 600mb, windows go on but a total of 13.12gb over 10432 files in 407 folders.

if i could get a ' how to remove and not create fire ' for dummies version of the how to id really appreciate it

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  1. One positive thing is that you can save anything that you may have missed. After that, just delete the entire partition. That will delete everything in the D partition (which I assume holds Vista) and will show up as unallocated free space. You can then, if you want, merge the unallocated free space into your Windows 7 partition to increase its size or you can use it for a different OS install.

    Best of luck.
  2. just to be clear im assuming you may think there are 3 seperate parts of the hard drive. 1 for general storage, 1 for win7 and 1 for vista? maybe i dont understand but if this is true then that would be no (technically). 1 part gen storage and 1 part has the systems vitals i assume. im unable to see these viles from windows explorer but advanced system care plus allows me to view them. im a little vague on:
    One positive thing is that you can save anything that you may have missed.
    if you could elaborate for me (for diummies) itd be great.

    sorry for being a pain but generally i have to understand something thoroughly before i can visualize and execute. within my few friends in my small town i know 1 other guy attempting to build his own rig and understand its functions. most people i know ask me pc questions and they arent nearly as complicated as what most of you here know,

    thanks a ton
  3. I was under the impression that there are two partitions -- one for Windows 7 and another for Vista. Let's just verify that so there's no confusion:

    Open a console. Click Start -> Run and type in `cmd' (no quotes).
    Type `diskmgmt.msc' (no quotes).

    It'll open up the Disk Manager. If you could just screenshot that window and post it up, it would help.
  4. If you previously had vista and then installed win 7 without deleting the vista partition, then you most likely created a dual boot scenario. Does your computer ask which OS to boot at startup?

    Anyhow, in a situation like this you would normally delete the vista partition after using a utility like EasyBCD to remove the vista boot option.

    If you've somehow managed to overwrite the boot loader so that it no longer sees vista at boot time, then it should be safe to just delete the vista partition or to simply delete the windows folder within the vista partition.
  5. My computer never asked to be booted from any other operating system except windows 7. I only have one partition other than the storage part of the drive and it contains 13.1 gigabytes. can you forsee any problems with the remains of vistta on the drive even tbough windows 7 seems to function properly with no signs of the old os? Im just concerned about some posts ive read and multiple os conflicting with my cache based ssd.

    Thanks again
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    When you boot into an operating system, the OS itself will handle what files are used. So to Windows 7, your Vista files just appears to be some random files. Almost as if you just copy and pasted it in there. Windows 7 won't care.
  7. Thanks. i feel pretty confident now that i should not see any issues with the matter. if anything hairy happens i will def. reply but you have settled my nerves.

    thanks a ton
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