Best Gaming Laptop for ~500$?

Hello all! I am looking for a laptop that can run some older games at a steady fps (some not so intensive games, such as, Team Fortress 2, Killing Floor, etc.)

I have a desktop that I can play all the new fancy games on, so I don't really care about those.

I'm mainly looking for an overall good laptop, since I play TF2 competitively, and don't care so much for the graphics, as I run an fps config that makes everything look horrible, to get an fps boost. If it matters, I will only be gaming when it is plugged in to an outlet, and it won't be running on battery power alone when I'm gaming. Thanks :)
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    Acer has two laptops that fit your needs. One is about $480 and the other about $550. The difference between the two is the power of their processor. They both have the same video card (7670m) So really it's up to you whether you want that extra processor power or not (which is probably a good idea).

    Have some links:
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