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Hi guys, i don't really know much about my dvd player, it is a Samsung HT-C330 but im planning on downloading movies but i don't know what kind of video format it supports. Can you guys help me with this? I checked the samsung site about this dvd player but unfortunately i don't get it. :)
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  1. What do you specifically mean by downloading movies?

    The manual says it supports:

    AVI : DivX3.11~DivX5.1, XviD
    WMV : V1/V2/V3/V7
  2. I mean i want to know the formats that it can play if im gonna download movies. I saw some websites but don't know if the dvd player can play it just says DVDRip and somethings.
  3. Just format it to one of the above and it should be fine.
  4. You mean convert it? Can you name some that is totally free and reliable?
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    There are tons like these:

    You can just Google search and find one you like the most too.
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