Why is 2-3 year older NVIDIA gpu better then AMD?

I want to get new gpu but dont know if i should choose nvidia or amd.When i buy it i would stick with it for maybe 3 years before i replace it.
The problem is that when i look at benchmarks of newer game like Crysis 3,Bioshock Infinite,Far Cry 3 and others i see that 2-3 year old Nvidia gpu like gtx 580,480,460 are much better then 6970,5870 and similiar. Why is that? To me looks like a bit older nvidia gpu-s are more "futureproof" then AMD counterpart?

Here are some benchmarks that i found(tom's don't have gpu bench with older gpu-s). Bioshock Infinite-
Crysis 3-
Just look at the gtx 580 how much better is then 6970,or 480 better then 5870,or gtx 460.
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    I don't put much faith in THG GFX reviews because of the small number of games used in the benchmarks. But yes, if you look at the numbers across a wide number of sites, you will find that the majority of the benchmark favor nVidia in the > $200 price categories for the last few generations. Though I don't do a lot of builds at the lower budget ranges, below $200, I always tended to use ATI/AMD cards until recently when the 650 Ti Boost hit the shelves and changed the entire landscape between $100 and $200,3463-11.html

    With the Radeon HD 7770 at $120, Radeon HD 7790 at $150, and Radeon HD 7850 above $180, Nvidia is rendering all three products ineffectual at their respective price points. With one swift stroke, the company engineered a hostile takeover of the $100-$200 market, increasing graphics performance at any given budget in that space.

    Looking at actual sales, you can see what people are buying:

    Among current generation DX11 cards

    the 7970 1.06% of market, the 680 has 1.79%
    the 7950 1.07% of the market, the 670 has 2.33 %
  2. you are comparing high end (older) to not high end, look at crysis 3 you posted, 560Ti is on par with a 7850.

    although it happens sometimes but ati is not that far, compare 680/670 to the current amd offering. and amd is cheaper most of the time.
    the amd's 6xxx series is not that good compared to the 5xxx in terms of incremental performance.
    but their current 7xxx series offers good bang for the buck.

    and yes i agree, there should be a broad test of different games, some games tend to favor nvidia, some favor amd
  3. Most games favor nvidia. I love nvidia at least for the games i play. AMD is cheaper but we play games not 3d mark.
  4. Yes 7970/7950 are very similiar to 660ti/670/680 now , but for example if i buy now 7970 would be sure that 2-3 years down the road those card would still be similiar to 670/680? Because when i compared amd 5870 with gtx480(both are 2010 gpu) or 6970 with 580(both 2011 gpu) and just looks like AMD cards have lower FPS in games when compared nowdays(but both were very similiar and from same year when released but after 2-3 years looks like amd are "losing")?
  5. Get the best you can afford from one or the other brand and be happy. They may not be identical in performance, but A will outperform B in 723 out of 1446 benchmarks, where B will outperform A in about half the tests. This will also be true in 3 years' time for the card you get now.
  6. The simple answer is different games favor different hardware.
  7. crisis 3 uses heavy tessellation, which the older 5xxx AMD cards weren't that good at compared to the 4xx series NVidia cards. If you were to bench the same cards in skyrim, for example, the results would probably swing the other way.
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