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My computer is cheap and is more than 3 years old. I am not looking to buy a new one in the near future as I am satisfied with its processor performance, it is more than enough. But the thing that bothers me is the speed of its hard drive with the loads of software installed it became slow. Therefore I decided to go for an ssd as I learned it can boost up the overall performance of my system.

As a person who has a limited budget I don't see an expensive solid state drive to be a good solution especially when I intend to use it in basic computer works such as web browsing, watching movies and playing some small games.

But my concern is that the cheap ssd I get for low price will be real cheap (pertaining to performance!) and this is another problem. So just wondering if there is any good quality ssd planned for limited budget users?
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  1. thanks. This article has been helpful but not what I want. I consider more than $50 expensive, so I think I just need to wait more and maybe buy a speedy hard drive instead of any "cheap" ssd. :)
  2. Speed=SSD
    Storage=Fast Hard Drive

    There is not "Fast Hard". They are just faster compared to other hard drives :)
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