8GB memory in a Mobo that only handles 4GB per Dimm

So I am planning a new build, but its going to be a while before i have the money for it. I figure I can buy some parts early such as ram and use it in my current build until I have the money for the entire thing. Im planning on getting Quad Channel memory, 4 x 8Gb. Only issue is my current Mobo only supports Dual Channel with a max capacity of 4GB per Dimm. Theoretically i think it will work fine, I would only get dual channel support and my max Ram would be 16 GB. Any one have experience with it?
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  1. What makes you think it will work?

    If the motherboard will only accept 4GB per slot, your 8GB may not work. The only way to know is to try it.

    Personally, I wouldn't.
  2. I only assume because I know when i used win7 32 bit I had 8gb of ram in and it at least allowed me to use 3.7gb of it. I know its different since this is controlled by the mobo, but im optimistic :-p Just hoping someone could give me a for sure yes or no. If it helps, its an ASUS mobo
  3. What Asus mobo? Is it even DDR3?
  4. yea the mobo is only like 3 years old. cost me $250 when i got it, its a pretty good mobo. http://www.asus.com/Motherboards/P7P55DE_PRO/
  5. Looks like you may be out of luck. Do you really need 32GB?
  6. yeah actually. Im in graduate school for Architecture and a lot of the time the 16GB that the computers on campus have is inadequate. which is one of hte reasons I am doing this build. MY current computer was fine untill this year, but the software we are using has gotten rather intense
  7. Unfortunately it appears LGA1156 platforms only support 4GB DIMMs...

    You'll have to spring for that platform upgrade, or put up with pagefile/swap usage.

    Are you sure it's the RAM limit that is the problem, not CPU or GPU? I suspect that you'd run out of everything though...
  8. I mean i Know its everything :-p Ram Maxes out and it takes a while to change windows, CPU shows 100% usage when rendering 3d models and everything is extremely laggy, and when I go to rotate a 3D Revit file, it takes a few minutes to register. This only happens when im doing a lot of other crap at once, but im sure its a combination of everything, not an issue isolated to RAM, this is just one topic i was curious with for a short term fix
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