2 computer displays stopped work on the same day


I was working two hours ago on my Toshiba laptop which I bought in 2010. It's one of those satellite ones. It a moment my display like... shut off. It was black but not full black, you could tell it was still on. It wasn't shut of, it just didn't have anything on it, like a dark grey. I've never had any type of problems with the laptop before, let alone a display one.

I turned the laptop of and sat on my desktop pc which I've had since 2005 and which was working fine yesterday. I turn it on and the monitor on this one won't work as well. It's was all black as well. After a few tries it turned on, but it had green vertical lines all through it, which turned purple and everything was messed up. Now that happens and when it comes time for it to enter windows, the monitor shuts off and it says - no input signal -.

Is this a coincidence two displays stopped working in the same day? Both computers are in the same room about 6 feet away from each other. These past two days there was thunder where I live. Could that have cause some kind of damage to my graphic cards of displays.

I'm typing this from a different computer in hope I might get some help.

Both the lap top and the desktop boot up fine, I can hear the lap top enter windows, I just can't see anything. When I start it up the display comes on in that dark grey color and..... nothing it's just blank.

Can anyone help?
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  1. Plug your PC or laptop into your TV and see if they work. You probably just had a bad day and lost them both.
  2. It is possible for both displays to go bad at the same time (very unlikely), but with thunderstorms in the area, there would be an increased chance of damage due to the electrical storms.

    The best way to check is to hook your laptop up to another monitor and see if it works. If it is the display on the laptop, I would suggest taking it to a repair shop for testing.
  3. On your laptop sounds like the backlight bulb failed on the LCD screen. You should be able to connect the laptop to a monitor and hit a function key to turn on the ext video port on the laptop. For the desktop sound like the video card died. Open the case and blow the dust out and reset the video card.with the case open see if the gpu fan spins. If the system has onboard video and not a gpu see that the CPU fan is moving. Try clearing the mos to see if the mb will reset. On old mb most times it a cap that goes bad from age or it a power issue.
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