Problem locking the CPU to the motherboard!

I recently took out the CPU from the motherboard to apply thermal paste on it for my laptop. When I put it back in, the locking tab wouldn't allow me to fully turn to unlock it.

Here is an image when it is fully locked without the CPU.

Here is an image when it is unlocked with the CPU in.

Here is an image where the locking tab is stuck and cannot fully lock with the CPU.

What can be the problem? Why can't I fully twist it to the lock side. Thank you.

EDIT: photo links fixed.
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  1. We don't have permission to open those photo's. What kind of cpu and motherboard are you using?
  2. Thank you, I have edited the links. I am using an i3 processor. I am unsure of the motherboard since it from a laptop. My laptop is a Gateway ID49C.
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    Sounds like something is obstructing the locking mechanism. Unfortunately i'm not familiar with this style of socket lock. Good luck
  4. Turns out I had to use a better sturdier screwdriver to twist it.
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