Building new £2000 computer (need help)

Hi guys,

I want to upgrade my old computer and get one of the new Haswell Processors (when they come out). My obvious choice would be the 4770K.

I will also be wanting to fully upgrade to a Triple-Sli GTX 680 (but for now only want to buy one GTX 680)

Basically I want a fast computer, with a GTX 680, a motherboard which will be able to run Triple-Sli GTX 680 (Something similar to the Maximus V Formula/Extreme), One 150 GB SSD (Something like the Crucial M4), One 2TB Fast HDD (Seagate Barracuda?), Fast 16GB RAM (Kingston HyperX Beast?), A big case able to use watercooling (I really like the NZXT Phantom 820 but if you could maybe list another possibility for the same sort of price), A modular power supply able to power Triple SLI GTX 680s and Watercooling (Is 1000W too much? and Does the power supply power the watercooling pump?) and A Bluray Optical drive (What is the difference between OEM and Retail?)

Thanks so much guys but I have one last Question,

Should I go into full watercooling straight away or go for a short circuit watercooling loop (Something Like the Corsair Hydro H100i that I can use to expert overclock)? Also how could you possibly watercool a triple SLI configuration (Would you need fans running at the same time as watercooling the CPU and/or the Fusion Thermo (If ROG use this with a 1150 Chipset))

Thank you for your time and please improve if you can or give me some tips :D

(Also I need to learn how to overclock, looks great but have never tried it, if you could link me a video or some good instructions or a good website to learn how to overclock very well (From Zero to Expert (Even if it is a 50 hour video I would want to learn)) that would be LEGENDARY!)

Thanks (Again) Lads,
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  1. The Haswell motherboards haven't been released yet, so our ability to make recommendations is limited in that regard.
    Also, are you sure that you want tri-680 as opposed to one or two 780s? The 700 series is coming out before you'll be buying, so you may want to account for that.
    I rather fancy the 820 myself, though the Switch 810, the Cosmos II, and pretty much any other high-end tower should work for water cooling (though you always want to make sure that they can accomodate the radiator you have in mind).
    1000w is perfectly reasonable, particularly if you intend to use that many graphics cards.
    A custom liquid-cooling loop can get pretty damn expensive, not to mention being complicated. You can't beat the performance, I'll grant, but for me at least the gains weren't worth it, and I went with a closed-loop system (the NZXT Kraken x60).
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