FX6300 or FX6350?!

In a few months, I'm going to be building my first PC, and I need to decide which one of these processors to buy. I was going with the FX6300, but then AMD went and updated the processor in this new model, so I am a bit unsure on which would be better for me.

From what I can see, the FX6350 trades a greater clock speed for a higher TDP, meaning that it will run a little bit hotter than the FX6300. I am not going to be overclocking, and I will only use the stock fan so at the moment I think the FX6350 looks like the better option.

Any thoughts?
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  1. If you arnt buying parts for a few months why dont you decide on your parts then?
  2. If you are not planning to overclock, the FX6350 with the stock cooler will be just fine. They are both currently the same price at newegg, so the 6350 is your best choice.

    However, the CPU landscape will be different in a few months so you may want/need to change plans when it comes time to buy.
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    6350 is the same exact CPU as the 6300, it is just over clocked and over volted from the factory. It has a higher TDP 125W vs 95w for the 6300 meaning it will draw more power and make more heat. If you are going to buy it and let it be i would get the 6350, if you have intentions on overclocking the lower TDP of the 6300 will be to your benefit. All the same if you arent buying for a few month wait and see what available offerings are then, I have heard rumors of a 4.3Ghz FX-8570 part floating around.,0101-383919-0-2-3-1-jpg-.html
  4. As pointed out, if you don't overclock then the FX6350 will be fine. I think it would do anything you want very well.
  5. As mentioned several times the FX 6350 will be better in terms of performance, and as you mention yourself - It will be less efficient.

    You just need to mind when buying a power supply that your CPU has a TDP of 125 watt, instead of the 95 watt of the 6300.
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