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Hey guys so im in the market for a new game, i don't want to end up buying something then having buyers remorse. One of the games that I enjoyed was Resident evil 4. I spent more than 200+ hours on that one game. Its a shame that resident evil 5 didn't live up to my expectations. I finished RE6 some days ago and it was good too. Somebody told me to get dark sector and i borrowed it from a friend. i finished it a while ago and i honestly need some game to help me forget about the interactive crap that dark sector is. Honestly, This game shouldn;t have been released. For those of you wondering what platform im using: Im running a PC with an E2160 dual core 2GB RAM and a 9600GSO. Believe it or not i manage to get 45-60 fpa on resident evil 6 all high with anti aliasin set to the second bestest on 1280x1024 :)
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  1. Have you tried the Dead Space franchise? If you don't get help here try
  2. wanderer11 said:
    Have you tried the Dead Space franchise? If you don't get help here try

    Yes i tried Dead Space but it didn't quite scratch that itch. Resident evil 4 has to be the best game ever made in my opinion. I mean it had everything a good game would need. Tension of ammo. Puzzles. awesome boss fights. Just got done playing mercenaries mode with a friend. How can no other game series even come close to how good the resident evil series is. I've played every single resident evil game to date. Heck even the survivor/dead aim series
  3. I know what you mean. I loved RE1, 3, Code Veronica, and 4. The addition of coop in 5 was terrible and I have no interest in ever playing the series again.
  4. Hello :) , you can wait for the Battlefield 4 .
    Or Devil May Cry ( DMC ) , Dead Island, Prototype 2 , CoD , Lara Croft, Starcraft 2 HOTS , League of Legends.
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