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Power Supply needs for GPU

My GPU died and I planned on buying a new one to replace it. I decided to test my power supply to see if there were any problems before I spend money on a GPU. I have a LCD Power Supply tester and ran tests on my Corsair 750 ATX. All the connectors passed but the PG is 360. The graphic card suggested for my system is a GTX 650. Can anyone tell me if the 360 PG means I need to replace my power supply and if it will run the GTX 650?
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    A GTX650 will run on a 350W PSU; it barely needs the PCIe power connector, and in fact Asus (and maybe others) have one that doesn't need it.
    A power supply tester such as you describe does no load or waveform testing. As such, it can identify a bad PSU because of a missing rail, but cannot identify a good PSU. Your 750W Corsair should be a decent PSU, even if it is one of the CWT-built ones.
    The "PG" signal means "Power Good." In this case, I believe it is telling you the PSU responds to a PG signal (the gray wire) in 360ms. The spec says it should do so within 500ms, so you're fine.
  2. I got a 650 ti running on a 300 watt power supply :) NOT that i recommend others try without low powered systems.

    All the corsair units that are rated for 750 watts will have PLENTY of leftover power for your system.
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