Good MotherBoard for 3570k OC 4.2-4.4 ghz ?!

my options are ASUS Sabertooth Z77, AsRock Extreme 4 or 6, ASUS P8Z77 V-Pro

i read many times that asrock r good overclockers, but im not lookin for a crazy 4.8-5ghz OC

so i was tending towards the sabertooth for quality,endurance & most of all looks ( dont judge me :D ) but i would like to know the highest stable Overclock on it though,

the v-pro is in between these two regarding price, but i thought i should ask u guys first.

as for CPU Cooler i was originally goin for the CM Hyper 212 Evo but recently i thought i should go with Noctua NH-D14, would like an opinion on that too.

Thanks in Advance :)
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  1. ASUS has many time proven that they are top of the line when it comes to MOBOs - and not without reason.

    ASUS Sabertooth Z77 is an excellent MOBO that will not let you down.

    It can reach crazy speeds, just look:

    Rest of the review -,9.html
  2. wow this looks great! , +1 for the sabertooth :)
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