Gigabyte 970DA PWM Speed from SMART HDD Temp

I am running a WHS 2011 Server on a Gigabyte/AMD 970DA MB with three PWM case fans in addition to my CPU FAN and power supply fan. The Gigabyte MB BIOS doesn't support speed control of the PWM fans based on SMART HDD Temp data, only CPU and motherboard temp.

I am looking for a way to enable control of my 120mm front case fan in front of the 8 HDD's and the two 80mm Rear PWM fans based on the HDD S.M.A.R.T. temp data.

Without an additional house fan on my PC with the top cover removed, my HDD's are hitting 55-58 Degrees Celsius while my CPU/MB runs nice and cool. The fans never seem to run much past 50-60%. I am looking for either a WHS 2011 compatible utility to control the fans connected to the motherboard based on SMART temp data or perhaps an addon card that has PWM fan headers and a software utility to so the same.
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  1. did you try pwm settings in bios ?
  2. BerylLee said:
    did you try pwm settings in bios ?

    The BIOS doesn't provide HDD temp as a temp sensor to control the PWM fans, only the CPU and the Motherboard temps are options.

    I was finally able to get SpeedFan loaded on the server but I don't think it is sensing the PWM fan speed. This MB has a single PWM fan header other than the CPU fan header (4 pins vs. 3) I have 3 fans connected to this header via two Y PWM fan connectors that came with my Noctura Fan's. Is this a configuration that will work in the way that I am trying to get it to work?
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