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Hey folks I need help replacing my SOC GTX 570. It still does pretty well but is starting to show its age in newer titles that are heavily GPU based. My decision is between either a Radeon 7970 'Ghz Edition" or a GTX 670. I was thinking either..

A) Get A Radron 7970 and use my current GTX 570 specifically for "PhysX"

B)Get a GTX 670 and sell my GTX 570.

I was thinking option A would be the best. The 7970 is cheaper and in most cases just as powerful/Faster than a GTX 680 and I wouldn't have to give up PhysX. I game at 1080p. Any advice would be appreciated.
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  1. I don't get the cheaper part .....

    7970 Ghz will cost ya $450

    GTX 670 will cost ya $360 ($90 less) minus whatever ya get for the 570.

    or ya could get two GTX 650 Ti boosts and top them both for $170 x 2
  2. I have never recommend this before, but then I have always had issues with multi card setups. BUT, I decently to give it a try again so I could run Nvidia Surround. I bought two Asus 660GTXs for SLI for less than 360 bucks. I never thought I would recommend SLI or Crossfire again, but so far they seem to have gotten rid of a lot of the bugs. Its a lot of power for the money, so it might be worth considering.
  3. I've never heard of some one running a AMD GPU then switch to a Nvidia to run PhysX games. Wouldn't it be a hassle with the drivers? I think it would be better to just go with the GTX670 or do like maestro did and go SLI with 2 GTX660s. Of course the new Nvidia 700s are supposed to be out this quarter you may want to wait for those.
  4. Ok thanks.
  5. Running Physx on an Nvidia GPU while running AMD gpus is totally workable with some effort, but really I don't see enough results from enough games to recommend a stand alone card for it. I don't expect to see Nvidias new cards until at least third quarter, but it seems both camps are moving faster than they said the would. One though though, the 700 series looks like it will be a rehash of both 600 series chips and Titan chips. As far as value goes, it doesn't look good. Just my 2c.
  6. NVidia Physx card running with an AMD render card can work but you need to do a driver hack to get around NVidia's deliberate crippling it (shame on them)
  7. I appreciate the help. Now from my understanding I thought you could devote what you want to use to process "PhysX" on your system. In this case I didn't think it would be that difficult to strictly dedicate my 570 to PhysX. I know it would be overkill but it would make a great physX card for time to come.

    Now are you guys telling me it would be difficult to use the 570 as a dedicated PhysX processor if I'm using an AMD GPU as my primary card? I would think it would be as simple as going into settings and changing my primary PhysX processor.
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    It can cause a driver dispute between the red and green team running both. Unfortunately, it not as simple as loading drivers for both and selecting what you want them to do. That 570GTX is still worth good money (sold mine for 180 bucks to a local guy). I still say sell that card and pick up a new one. The 660GTX is a really good value right now, SLI or not. The only game that my single card would not run at full settings @ 1080p is Crysis 3. No problems running any of the other new games.
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