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Please help. I have a very bad fbi virus on my laptop. I can't go into safe mode, nor into safe mode w/networking. Some suggested I use safe mode w/command prompt, but, I am just a basic user. Computer stores want to much money to remove, and some company even suggested that they would use kill disk. I don't want my computer formatted, I just want that dam virus off my system. Thank you if you can help. ( later finds out that you can go into system restore )( updated 10 days later @12:19)
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  1. Download and run a scan The free version will remove the FBI virus.
  2. I have had success running malwarebytes, but on occassion it latches itself to your user profile. If that's the case, copy your media to another drive source, reset the local administrator password (create another admin account if you're using the only admin login), then connect with that account and delete your user profile. It sucks, but it's quicker than reloading your whole computer because sometimes even a system restore won't fix that POS.
  3. This is a nice program to have. It stops most computer viruses from running so you can clean it with your anti-virus.
    you need to download several versions. since most virus writers know about it.
    All versions are the same ,just a different name.exe file name.
    And as suggested above Malwarebytes.
  4. I spent a whole day getting rid of this virus. I tried all the remedies above and none worked. The only one that worked for me is the one recommended by Microsoft. Get a program called "Hitman Pro."
  5. The Solution of your problem according to me is that you make a contact with your " Antivirus Service " team.
  6. Scan your system completely with antivirus (Norton, Kaspersky, Immunet Plus Antivirus, Bitdefender, Avast, Avira ) and when it detect the threat, remove it completely. With a complete system scan, you can easily remove this virus and do take a trusted name, so that you can remove your virus easily.
  7. I have dealt with this virus several times over the past few weeks for clients. The first time I saw this virus, it was a piece of cake to get rid of. I booted in Safe Mode and ran the usual antivirus\malware solutions suggested above and that took care of it. The latest version is a lot more difficult to get rid of. Tried the same thing, except when I went into Safe Mode, it automatically logs you off and reboots. No way to run any antivirus\malware solutions. So I tried a suggested solution of booting into Hiren's Mini-XP shell and running a couple of specific Antivirus\Malware programs located on the CD (after updating them of course) and then according to the suggested solution, I should have been able to boot into Safe Mode and cleared it as before, then to roll it back to a previous system restore point. Well, it didn't work. Ended up just ghosting client's drive, taking PC back to Factory Restore Point, then extracting Data from the Ghosted Image back to PC. Today, I received another PC with the exact same issue. I was all prepared to Ghost the drive, take it back to the Factory Restore Point, and then move the data back over. But first I decided to try something and that was boot into Hiren's bootcd and reset the client's password to blank. Believe it or not, on the reboot, it logged right in. Of course, I have since rebooted into Safe Mode (with Network) and am running the full gamut antivirus\malware solutions. It looks like this might take care of it (fingers crossed).
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