Best CPU and motherboard combo?

- I will be playing at 1920x1080p resolution. Newest and latest games. Whatever I can get my hands on which includes Planetside 2, ARMA III, Battlefield 4, and mmorpgs I find good

Right now here is my build, ignore the CPU and mobo since I'm probably going to change those out for better deals.

So I found some great deals for CPU and motherboard.

-Intel core i7 for $230

- Intel core i5. This one has the choice of motherboard combos, which can save you more money. The processor alone is $190 but here are bundles I am considering:




Which one is the best out of these bundles? Is the cheapest one sufficient or does it have something less that makes it cheap?

The main thing I want is for my processor+mobo combo to last for at least another 3-5 years and handle the latest games. haswell is coming out which means new lga 1055. I can upgrade CPU fine but I don't wanna be upgrading my mobo too soon. Is i5 good for the next couple years or do i need i7 to handle that?

Is my build good or can i cut down on anything else? Are these deals too good to be true?
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  1. Get an i5 and a z77 motherboard.

    None of your links work. They link to a blank shopping cart. Your Pcpartpicker link is dead too. You have to copy the BBCode Markup.
  2. +40 for i7 is tempting though ^^
  3. Sorry about the link. Here is a better one.

    I would love i7, but will i see significant performance increase? Will it last me a year or two longer?
  4. It will play games exactly the same as the i5. No reason to get an i7 if you are just gaming.
  5. That is a great build. Get the XT/LE/MYST edition of the 7870. It is significantly more powerful than the normal 7870.
  6. Anything i can possibly cut down on? Is the msi and i5 3570k bundle good?
  7. You won't be overclocking on that motherboard. It has poor power phases and isn't really built for overclocking.
  8. Isnt it the same one you have? Which one are you talking about? The one in pc part picker isnt gonna be the one i get. I want the one in the bundle.
  9. I have the msi-z77a-g41. I also got it in a micro center bundle. I wouldn't ever overclock on it. It is one of the cheapest z77 boards and just isn't really meant for overclocking. Doesn't have the power phases.
  10. Alright what about the gigabyte bundled one?

    As for the msi board you said had poor power phases, would it be fine for just regular use?
  11. It is a great motherboard. Just not for overclocking. The Gigabyte isn't the best overclocker either. The ASUS is good though. If you don't plan to overclock the MSI will be perfectly fine.
  12. Alright one final question. It says the msi and gigabyte has internal usb 2.0 so that means it has usb 2.0 headers for front panel correct? My case doesnt have usb 3.0
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    Yes it has 2.0 headers.
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