has anyone heard about this psu?

So a few weeks ago I had a bad incident with a cooler master psu. Called tech support, bleh no help. I talked with a cooler master hardware vendor rep at OCN tlast night about the problem. He say's they will send me a new PSU from their new "I" series, a 500 80+ bronze psu. He said that they wouldn't be launched until the beginning of next month, so I would be one of the first to have this psu. I know about their new "V" series and the "G" series psu's, but can find NO info about the "I" series. Anyone have any clues?
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  1. Well if they aren't launches yet or available for review/teardown obviously no one can tell you anything...

    In general coolermasters PSUs are garbage, especially the low wattage low currant ones. They've put out some better ones recently. Wait for reviews
  2. I had used one a few weeks before that at the insistence of a customer I was building a rig for. It worked out well and I was putting together a budget gaming rig to sell on fleabay and thought ehh the other one seemed to work out ok so what the heck. boy was I wrong. The V series should be good, based on a seasonic platform, but the G series is going to be enhance Electronics sooo :/ who knows
  3. but since it is a replacement, give it a go.

    and yes, lots of good brands out there i would stay away from CM. not sure if their new ones are good now, but i'd rather get seasonic
  4. PSU OEM by seassonic ussualy is good .. i never heard OEM seassonic fail in review .. maybe if there
  5. I am currently building a new 8320 rig that I think I will give the new CM psu a go in. I have never heard of a seasonic being bad either. I hope that this is a good component, I do like CM's cases and their other peripherals and gear.
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