Should I upgrade my current build again? Or just build a new computer?

Well guys once again my computer is showing its age, especially when playing games, and I'd like to have a good computer when next gen games come out (e.g. BF4). My current build is as follows:

CPU: Core i7 920 Oc'd to 3.8ghz
Mobo: Intel Extreme (DX58SO) X58 chipset
RAM: 6gb DDR3 at 1066mhz
GPU: 560ti
HDD: 1tb Seagate 7200rpm, 16mb cache

So do you guys think I should just upgrade my GPU once again (was previously 4870 crossfire and before that a single 4870) or finally take the next step to ivy-bridge and then maybe the things that follow like an SSD? I would like to save money and keep with my current build but if you guys think it would just be better to build a new computer I will definitely do that to play newer games to their best potential.
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  1. im still running an next build will likely be haswell
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