New motherboard and CPU but windows will not boot up

I recently bought a new motherboard and CPU as my last one fried itself and took the CPU with it. I was able to install both successfully but when turning it on, it says that windows couldn't start because of new hardware or software. I did Startup Repair but it came back saying it wasn't able to repair it. I read that it's probably the drivers that are what's wrong and reformatting is what I would need to do. However, I was wondering if there another way to boot up Windows so I can at least back up some stuff onto my external hard drive. Any help would be appreciated.

P.S. it doesn't give me an option to boot into safe mode either.
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  1. You will need another computer and a flash drive. You can either create a bootable windows on the flash drive or linux. This way you can back up your drive without worry.
  2. You have an old windows install on ya old HD which includes all drivers for your OLD MoBo. You really should not expect it to boot up. Wipe the HD and install windows fresh.

    The alternate would be to use one of these to get ya old files off.

    Another alternate would be to install Windows fresh on a new SSD and then connect ya old HD when done.
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